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Found 936 results

  1. PWR 2018.02.16 Naito Takes Dayton Live Edit WEB.h264-NCMP Name of the event: PWR Friday The 16th Naito Takes Dayton Date: 16.02.2018 Promotion: Pro Wrestling Revolver Type: Event Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA Arena: Rockstar Pro Arena Become Premium for maximum speed, resuming ability and no waiting ====== UPLOADED>TO ====== ====== RAPIDGATOR ====== 500 MB Parts Download ====== UPLOADED>TO ======
  2. Lucid Samples Vinyl Cut Chords WAV 180217 Lucid Samples Vinyl Cut Chords WAV | 160 MB We present you a sample pack taken directly from actual vinyl records. It features a bunch of great electric Rhodes piano chords and many other electric piano chords. Moreover, the pack includes original versions of the samples as well as the already mastered versions. Just use the right one to get the effect you want. We hope it will make the mixing at least a bit easier for you. The specific sound of vinyl recordings can be a part of your music even today. Vinyl Cut Chords includes: - 31 Chords - 30 Piano Chords - 66 Rhodes 1 - 110 Rhodes 2 + 412 processed samples In total: 649 Chord Samples FANTASTiC | June 10 2017 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  3. MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 [16F69] (Flash drive to install) Enoch (Chameleon) 180217 MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 [16F69] (Flash drive to install) Enoch (Chameleon) | 5.16 GB Meet on the Mac ??� Siri's voice assistant with a whole host of new unique features for desktop computers. And this is not all. Thanks to macOS Sierra, you can look at your photos in a new way, it's safer to make purchases on the Internet, it's more efficient to work with several devices at once and to easily free up space on the disk.Now your Mac is capable of more, and you are capable of more with the Mac. Installation flash drive First, format the USB flash drive HPUSBFW.exe (in the image), install on a hard drive with a GPT scheme Create a flash drive: 1. Mount the image of 10.12.5_usb.iso 2. Install R-Drive (located in the image) 3. Run R-Drive. 4. Click "Restore from image", select 10.12.5_usb.arc (is in the image), click "Next", select image and flash drive Click "Next", the window pops up ??� agree, "Next" and "Start". 5. Register the sector (necessarily !!!!) Start BOOTICE (in the image), select the flash drive, click "Process MBR", then "Restore MBR", select boot0af and press "Restore" 6. Boot from the USB flash drive. We begin the installation. After installation, we boot again from the USB flash drive and select the installed axis. Next, after successfully loading Mac OS X, install Enoch (you can download it here) from the folder! PostInstall !. Select KernelBooter_kexts_title as in the picture, the rest by default And copy with the replacement folder Extra, from the folder! PostInstall !, on the hard drive with Sierra. Release: May 15, 2017. Version: 16F69 Developer: ?� Apple Inc. Developer's site: Platform: Intel only Language: Multilingual Tablet: Not required System requirements: Flash 8Gb and the presence of Windows ??� to create a flash drive. 64-bit, Intel, at least 2 GB of memory 10 GB of free disk space Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  4. Hong Kong Tatler Society - December 2018 English | 152 pages | True PDF | 33.8 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  5. TestDisk & PhotoRec 7.1-WIP DC 15.04.2017 Portable 180217 TestDisk & PhotoRec 7.1-WIP DC 15.04.2017 Portable File size: 37.7 MB Data recovery and partition repairing are tasks that involve the usage of some specialized utilities that can work in sensitive areas of the system. When it comes to restoring lost data and rebuilding boot sectors, one of the tools that are created just for these purposes is TestDisk. "TestDisk & PhotoRec 7.1-WIP DC 15.04.2017 Portable" HI-SPEED DOWNLOAD Free 300 GB with Full DSL-Broadband Speed! Runnable via command-line, the software checks disks and scans for errors, then allows you to choose the action you want it to carry out. With TestDisk you can analyze the partition structure and check if any lost partitions are to be found on the selected drive. The program is also able to change the disk geometry and write to the first sector of the disk the MBR code. You can use the application for completely wiping all data from a partition and restoring non-bootable disks to their bootable form. Insofar as the data recovery (undeletion) is concerned, TestDisk comes with support for several file systems, including some that are not common to Windows users. Thus, you will be able to restore files from FAT, NTFS, ext2 and exFAT file systems. For systems with damaged or empty partition tables, the software offers the possibility to repair the issues. Furthermore, TestDisk can find missing partitions and creating a new table or rewriting a completely new MBR is also feasible. Designed to be accessible for both advanced and less-experienced users alike, this utility has logging and debugging capabilities that can be easily used from the command-line. This means that TestDisk will gather all available information regarding the state of a drive and the information can then be used for analyzing and fixing the problems. All in all, for anyone who needs to restore files or entire partitions, write partition tables for specific drives and other such tasks, TestDisk is definitely one of the best choices, especially since it is not hard to operate it. TestDisk can Fix partition table, recover deleted partition Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector Fix FAT tables Rebuild NTFS boot sector Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup Fix MFT using MFT mirror Locate ext2/ext3/ext4 Backup SuperBlock Undelete files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem Copy files from deleted FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions. TestDisk has features for both novices and experts. For those who know little or nothing about data recovery techniques, TestDisk can be used to collect detailed information about a non-booting drive which can then be sent to a tech for further analysis. Those more familiar with such procedures should find TestDisk a handy tool in performing onsite recovery. Whats New: == 7.1-WIP == == 7.0 == === General Improvements === Various fix including security fix, thanks to * Coverity scan (Static Analysis of source code) * afl-fuzz (security-oriented fuzzer). * Denis Andzakovic from Security Assessment for reporting an exploitable Stack Buffer Overflow === TestDisk === ==== Improvements ==== * exFAT: better support * ext4: handle 64 bit blocks or 64 KiB blocksize. Fix detection and file listing ==== Bug fixes ==== * Avoid erroneous error when writing 512 bytes on hard disk using 4k sector * FAT, NTFS: avoid NULL pointer dereference if localtime() returns NULL. Thanks to Graham Sutherland for reporting this bug. === PhotoRec & QPhotoRec === QPhotoRec is a Graphical User Interface (Qt based GUI) version of PhotoRec. More user friendly, it recognizes the same file formats. PhotoRec remains recommended for advanced users, it can stop a recovery and resume it later, it recovers more fragmented files when brute-force technology is enabled and expert mode is available. ==== Improvements ==== * Reduced false positives for more than 80 file formats. * .gif: fix filesize detection * .flv: add Flash filesize detection * .mpg: detect filesize for MPEG * .ra: detect filesize for RealAudio3 * Improved algorithm to deal with data fragmentation resulting in a general speed increased * Speedup brute-force mode. Brute-force mode can recover more fragmented files, but it's still slow and not 100% reliable. You can enable it in PhotoRec Options menu. New file formats recovered by PhotoRec: * .3dm: Rhino / openNURBS * .ari: ARRI Raw Video * .camrec: Camtasia Studio * .dad: Micae DVR * .dcm: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) * .fp12: File Maker Pro 12 * .kra: Krita * .mlv: Magic Lantern Video * .notebook: SMART notebook * .ora: Mypaint * .red: RED2 video format * .rlv: Revelation password * .vbm: Veeam Backup Metadata * .woff: Web Open Font Format Homepage Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  6. Andrew Hindmoor, "What's Left Now?: The History and Future of Social Democracy" English | ISBN: 0198805993 | 2018 | EPUB | 320 pages | 1 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  7. Digital Pathology: Historical Perspectives, Current Concepts & Future Applications by Keith J. Kaplan English | 3 Nov. 2015 | ISBN: 3319203789 | 116 Pages | PDF | 2.72 MB Digital Pathology: Historical Perspectives, Current Concepts & Future Applications provides the authoritative text in the digital pathology domain by combining the established expertise of leaders in this diverse arena with practical applications of this transformative platform while harnessing a content rich, interactive format. In detailing a cohesive narrative from a broad, global perspective the lessons learned from the past, the obstacles to digital pathology adoption that have been overcome and the challenges that remain for full realization of the potential that computational analysis affords, this text provides readers with the latest in where the field is heading as it seeks to unlock the potential of digital pathology by leveraging cutting edge technologies and innovative tools. Digital Pathology: Historical Perspectives, Current Concepts & Future Applications will be of great value to Pathologists including Translational Researchers and Informaticists, Pathology Trainees including Residents and Informatics Fellows, Healthcare CMIOs and CIOs, Bioimaging Engineers and Computer Vision Scientists, as well as Laboratory Information Technologists. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  8. Environmental Science, Pearson New International Edition: Toward a Sustainable Future Pearson | English | 2014 | ISBN-10: 1292020849 | 665 pages | PDF | 78.13 mb by Dorothy Boorse Richard T. Wright (Author) For introductory courses in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Biology. With dramatically revised illustrations, the Twelfth Edition of Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future is even more student-friendly while retaining the currency and accuracy that has made Wright/Boorse a best seller. The text and media program continue to help students understand the science behind environmental issues and what they can do to build a more sustainable future, with further exploration of the hallmark core themes: Science, Sustainability, and Stewardship DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  9. WA Production What About Deep and Future Elements WAV MiDi ENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1 REVEAL SOUND SPiRE 180216 WA Production What About Deep and Future Elements WAV MiDi ENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1 REVEAL SOUND SPiRE | 1.05 GB W. A. Production shock the world upon another amazing content based sample pack, this time our team takes inspiration from the current trending melodic and groovy sounds from Deep House and Future House. We deliver a whopping 2.0+ GB of content for you to jam out on your DAW. Mixing the melodic elements from Deep house and bouncy elements from Future House, this pack is a combination of several styles and influences making this pack a must-have for the aspiring producers out there. What you??�ll get from this pack: - 12 Construction Kits (MIDI and Presets provided) - 51 Kick Samples Time to blast the speakers with these hard hitting kicks - 21 Drum Loops A track won??�t sound amazing without these amazing drums loops. - 31 Sylenth1 Presets Learn how to design your own unique sounds by studying these top-notch presets FANTASTiC | 24 Feb 2017 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  10. The Theoretical Individual: Imagination, Ethics and the Future of Humanity by Michael Charles Tobias English | 7 Feb. 2018 | ISBN: 3319714422 | 138 Pages | PDF | 1.64 MB How can the one influence the many? From posing seminal questions about what comprises a human individual, to asking whether human evolution is alive and well, favoring individuals or the species, How can the one influence the many? From posing seminal questions about what comprises a human individual, to asking whether human evolution is alive and well, favoring individuals or the species, this work is a daring, up-to-the-minute overview of an urgent, multidisciplinary premise. It explores the extent to which human history provides empirical evidence for the capacity of an individual to exert meaningful suasion over their species, and asks: Can an individual influence the survival of the human species and the planet? If there are to be cultures of transformation dedicated to seeing us all through the Sixth Extinction Spasm, the Anthropocene, inflicting as little biological havoc as possible, what might such orientations?a collective, widespread biophilia, or reverence for nature?look like? In this powerful work, with a combination of data and direct observation, the authors invite readers to explore how such transformations might resonate throughout the human community; in what ways a person might overcome the seemingly insurmountable environmental tumult our species has unleashed; the clear and salient motives, ethics, aspirations and pragmatic idealism he/she might mirror and embrace in order to effect a profound difference?at the individual level?for all of life and life's myriad habitats. Chapters illuminate an ambitiously broad digest of research from two-dozen disciplines. Those include ecodynamics, biosemiotics, neural plasticity, anthropology, paleontology and the history of science, among others. All converge upon a set of ethics-based scenarios for mitigating ecological damage to ourselves and other life forms. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  11. Future Loops RoboFunk And The Disco Brothers MULTiFORMAT 180216 Future Loops RoboFunk And The Disco Brothers MULTiFORMAT | 1.22 GB Its OH So Fresh , its OH so Funky..! Its the Fresh Funky Samples crew presenting "RoboFunk & The Disco Brothers" a super deluxe sample pack with over 700 dripping wet samples and loops that will take your Ghetto Funk , Breaks, Soul, Funk & Disco productions on a ride through insanely phat drums , melting synths , fingerlickin guitars , groovadelic bass drops , FX and much more! "RoboFunk & The Disco Brothers" will inject almost 2GB worth of quirky cyberdisco nanobots into your sample arsenal bloodstream and strengthen your studio core with the juiciest and most funk-delight inducing set of samples you will find in Earth , Outer Space or Beyond! This must have retro collection is perfect for any producer that is looking for ultra-funky instruments , disco flavored loops , retro 70s samples or ghetto funk style breaks and expertly mixes the sweet organic essence and swing of live studio recordings with the futuristic vibes of analog synths and fresh processed elements! FORMATS - WAV & REX & MIDI All files have Key and Tempo notation for easy reference (tempos range from 94BPM to 114BPM) DRUM LOOPS Phat Full Grooves, Fills and Juicy Top Loops! LIVE BASS Super Tight Basslines performed live! SYNTH BASS Disco & Funky Synth Bass loops SYNTH LEADS Catchy , irresistible and far out synth works for your own personal indulgence! KEYS Rhodes - We Got them! Wurlitzer - You are Covered! Clavinet - Let those greasy fingers catch them! Hammond Licks - Yeah , baby ! CP70 Electric Grand Piano - Get your strut going ! GUITAR Both Amp and DI versions provided - access ready to mix versions or fully process the guitars with your own amps and total control! Guitar Leads - that will instantly make you do a duck face while your arms start doing the chicken dance! Guitar Rhythm - make sure you find a nice home for these skanky chords , wah wah sweeps and picking riffs cuz they sure do deserve it! SOUND FX Vintage RoboFX for your delight: Analog , White Noise, Rises, Falls and CrashFX ONE-SHOTS 167 funky drum one shots that are borderline Ghetto. Here is the full breakdown of contents : 704 WAV Samples ( 537 Loops , 167 One-shots ) 488 REX Loops 102 Funky Drums ( Full Beats , Top Loops , Fills ) 167 Drum Hits 55 Live Bass 44 Synth Bass 162 Guitars (AMP & DI versions) 96 Live Keys ( Rhodes, Hammond, Electric Piano, Wurlitzer and Clavinet) 53 Synth Leads & Talking Box 25 FX ( Analog , White Noise , Risers , Falls and CrashFX ) 74 MIDI Files 1.94 GB 0TH3Rside | Feb 17 2017 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  12. Total Commander PowerUser 68 Portable 180216 Total Commander PowerUser 68 Portable | 282.3 Mb A powerful tool for system administrators and advanced users, in which well-chosen programs and plug-ins. All this is efficiently integrated into the shell of Total Commander. Exclusive differences from other assemblies TC: 1. Own repository software - install additional software in TC with a single click 2. System autofix - all reported issues are promptly rectified and you can see the change in you already installed build 3. Automatic software update - don't wait for new build for new versions of software, update programs with one click 4. The main criterion for Assembly - a maximum of functionality for every megabyte List of portable software * 7-zip - file archiver with a high compression ratio [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * aBurner - recording discs. Supports multisession, retrieval sessions. Record multiple copies of discs. Burn AudioCD * Accounts Tuner - setting some additional security settings, user accounts * Actual Spy - spy program (Trojan), covert surveillance computer + dispatch report. Intercepts buffer keystrokes, make screenshots * Ad Muncher - block ads, popups, banners and other unwanted objects on web pages. Start with Shift to add program to startup, start with Alt removes * Advanced IP Scanner - Network Scanner. Getting information about devices on the network * AIDA64 - all about computer + stress tests and benchmarks. Start with Ctrl update program * AIMP3 - quality Russian audio player. Start with Ctrl associate player with audio files, start with Shift cancels [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * All-Radio - TV, radio and video. Broadcast his radio. Start with Ctrl update program * AlReader2 - reading electronic books * AntiDupl - find similar pictures * Antirun 2.3 - checking removable drives for malicious files in real-time startup + comfortable izvlekalka removable drives * AnVir Task Manager - Startup Manager, processes, services and drivers. Replacing Task Manager. Start with Ctrl update program * AppCrashView - display information about all the applications that have been closed or stopped emergency * ASPack - packer executable files * Audacity - multifunctional audio editor * AutoHideDesktopIcons - auto-hide desktop icons when inactive member * Autoruns - all that autostart system. You can manage the startup of an autonomous system * AVSearch - search for text in files * AVZ - combat SpyWare, AdWare, Dialer, BackDoor, Trojan + very useful system research and repair ShiChuang. Start with Ctrl update program * Back2Life - a safe, convenient and quick recovery of deleted data * BadCopyPro - restore data from floppies, HDD, CD, Flash-cards and other carriers * Beeline Internet Connection - automatic adjustment of the Internet from Beeline * Beyond Compare - Compare files or directories on the content (Win + F2 or Alt + C) * BlueScreenView - displays extended information about all the BSOD in the composite table * BOOTICE - manipulation boot sectors with ample opportunities. Loading various OS, recovery download * BSOD - a collection of instructions for troubleshooting when a Blue Screen Of Death * CarotDAV - client for FTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, SugarSync. Requires .NET * CCleaner + - removal of logs, temporary files, garbage in the registry. Uninstalling, rubbing zeros. Start with Ctrl update program * CCProxy - powerful and compact proxy * CD-Player - tiny AudioCD player * CDSlow - control the drive speed * Check Flash - test performance and speed. Editing, saving and restoring partition / drive / boot * ChkDskGui - interface for command-line utility Chkdsk * CLCL - Clipboard Caching * ColorConsole - more functional replacement cmd with support for tabs. Start with Ctrl update program * ColorMania - color codes * ConvertFN - mass change encoding * ConvertXtoDVD 4.2 - Convert any video format compatible with DVD Video + recording to disk * CPU-Z - CPU info * CrystalDiskInfo - reading SMART Power and acoustic mode * CurrPorts - shows all the open ports on your computer, closing TCP-connections, killing processes * DirectGRUB - GUI to create a bootable USB drive with ISO podgruzku * DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery - search, edit, and recover data on disks * DomainHostingView - shows detailed information about domains * DOSBox - emulator MS DOS (FAQ in the program folder) * Download Master - download manager with automatic search mirrors. Start with Ctrl update program * Dr.Web 6 Portable Scanner - treating virus scanner. Start with Shift check the file / folder under the cursor. Start with Ctrl update program * Driver Fusion - the complete removal of driver backup, restoration. Requires .NET * Driver Genius Professional 11 - Identify unknown devices, search and update your drivers over the Internet. Saving the installed drivers * DVD Shrink - compression, removal of protection, editing and cutting DVD-movies * Error Lookup - obtain information about errors in ShiChuang * ERUNT - registry backup, you can automatically every time you boot * Everything - instant (!) Search for files and folders on your PC [Shift + F7] * FileTypesMan - file associations system and change * FileZilla Server - Configuration, setting and monitoring of an FTP server. Start with Ctrl update program * FileZilla - FTP server and client * FileZilla - FTP-manager for uploading and downloading files from FTP-servers. Start with Ctrl update program * Flash Drive Information Extractor - obtaining information on a flash drive * FlashCookiesView - Displays a list of files, cookie, created by Flash component in your Web browser * FLV Extract - run, drag flv window. And in the folder where the flv, mp3 and avi will * Flying ShiChuang - a set of useful tools. HELP in the folder with the program * foobar2000 Merak Pack - a compact assembly of the best in convenience audio player. Automatic download from the Internet biography, cover, lyrics * Foxit PDF Editor - PDF Editor * FurMark - stress test and benchmark GPU * Games for ShiChuang - LIVE * Ghost32 - creating / cloning disks / partitions * GIGATweaker - Tweaking ShiChuang 7 * GPU-Z - information about GPU, saving BIOS. Start with Ctrl update program * Greenfish Icon Editor Pro - icon editor with support for layers * greylink - client DC ++, with the cheat functions. Prohibited by many hubs, but is able to simulate other client * Hal - fast and convenient search for torrent files on the Internet * Hardware Monitor Pro - all the sensors of the system, including the remote. Output tray in any parameter * HD Tune Pro - SMART readings Diagnostics and test HDD, SSD, RAID, Flash. Power and acoustic mode * HDD Low Level Format Tool - low-level format * HDD Scanner - shows the distribution of information on the disk / folder under the cursor * HDHacker - preserve and restore MBR nat. disks, BootSector log. drive or any specified sector drives * HDI - LED read / write hard disk * HFS - HTTP-create a file server * Image Uploader - screenshots, upload images to websites, including those from the Clipboard. You can drag a file to the button * Imagine [Editor animation] - creation and editing of GIF, ANI-files * Imagine - view, edit and convert graphic files. Start with Ctrl associates program with graphics files, start with Shift cancels [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * IP-TV Player - IP-TV * IPNetInfo - shows all available information about IP-address * iSendSMS - sending sms and mms via internet. Start with Ctrl update program * KeePass Classic Edition - secure storage of passwords * KiTTY - modified version of PuTTY * Kremlin Decrypt - decrypt a file or folder under the cursor * Kremlin Encrypt - encrypt a file or folder under the cursor * Kremlin Secdel - delete the file / folder under the cursor can not be recovered (Win + Shift + F8) * Kremlin Wipe - mashing the empty spaces for the inability to recover deleted data * LanSpy - a program designed to gather information on the remote host * LanTalk.NET - does not require a server instant messaging system for LAN * MACAddressView - information about network adapters by their MAC addresses * MikroTik WinBox Loader - configurator for RouterOS * MiniTool Partition Wizard - work with HDD and Flash, partitioning, formatting, resizing * mInstaller - creating installers * Miranda IM - instant messaging program. Start with Shift launch master database. Start with Ctrl update program * MKey - appointment of various actions by any keys and combinations thereof. Manage players, browsers, network connections. Start with Ctrl update program * MobaLiveCD - simple virtual machine to check the boot images / flash drives * MoleBox - packaging applications into a single exe-file * Movavi Video Converter - convert audio / video, cut, watermarks on videos, etc. * mp3DirectCut - editor of mp3 files without decompressing * MPC Home Cinema - Video Player. Start with Shift associated with video player, start with Alt resets all settings. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * MPR - reveals the passwords of more than 110 popular applications (FTP, E-mail clients, internet pagers, Browsers and so on.) Shows passwords hidden under asterisks. Password generator * MSI Afterburner - acceleration, configure and monitor GPU. Video recording of the games - Shift + Alt + W * MultiBoot - boot repair ShiChuang Vista / 7 and create a multi-menu * MyhomeLib - connect to online collections of e-books. Convenient management of collections of all types of books. Start with Ctrl update program * NetDrive - Mounts FTP, WebDAV as a local hard drive * NetLook - alternative network environment, LAN scanner, navigation through shared resources and messaging * NetRouteView - graphical shell standard ShiChuang utilities to manage routes * NetSetMan - network setup, creation of profiles with different settings, auto profiles. Start with Ctrl update program * NetVoice - chat and voice communication in the network, conference. Does not require a server * NetworkTrafficView - display general statistics about network traffic * NetWorx - traffic control and speed for all network connections. Start with Ctrl update program * NonStopCopy - copy from damaged media * Noscript - on / off ShiChuang Script Host * Notepad ++ - text editor. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * NTFS Links - create hard or symbolic links on NTFS-partitions (HELP in the program folder) * NVIDIA Inspector - information about their GPU GeForce overclocking and monitoring * Open Hardware Monitor - all the system's sensors. Output tray in any parameter. Requires .NET * 3 pro - office suite * OpenWithView - change the items in the "Open With" * Opera LE - Multi modification of the browser, a full zip and RSS clients. Start with Ctrl to make Opera the default browser. With Shift - run without the last session * OperaCacheView - view cache web browser Opera * OperaPassView - recovery of passwords in the web browser Opera * OpPleiList - tiny audio player * Orca - editor msi-installer (ShiChuang Installer Package) * PageDfrg - defragment registry and swap file at boot ShiChuang XP * PeToUSB - creation LiveUSB from LiveCD, change the letters stick * PhotoFiltre Studio X - editing * PlanMaker - spreadsheet editor [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * Pointofix - random screenshots, drawing on the screen, zoom in with the mouse wheel, etc. * PowerOff - scheduler, timer, diary * Process Explorer - process management, system information, end the conversation. Replacing Task Manager * Process Monitor - monitor file access to the registry, you can filter on a specific program * Pserv - manage processes, services, ShiChuang, launch drivers, uninstall the application. ShiChuang Event Log * Punto Switcher - automatic switching keyboard layouts diary (a la keylogger). When clamped Shift launch diary. Start with Ctrl update program * PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client. Help in your program * QIP 2012 - communication protocols via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, SIP, Ya-line. Runs in stand-alone mode. Start with Shift - Normal mode. Start with Ctrl update program * QTranslate - translate text using online translators, pronunciation, spelling. Translation by mouse selection, as in Lingvo. Start with Ctrl update program * Quick BFC - convert bat to exe * R-Studio - restore deleted files and corrupted partitions from HDD, CD, Flash and RAID * Rapid Environment Editor - information about the system / user variables and editing. Start with Ctrl update program * RBTray - Window Management * RedButton - removal of logs, temporary files. Removing components OC + tweaker. Already set up to secure clearance. Start with Shift same as pressing the red button * RegConvert - convert reg to bat and inf * RegWorkshop - multifunction replacement regedit * Remote Administrator - remote control for controlling the computer on it should be run Remote Administrator Server * Restorator - Resource Editor in the dll, exe, ocx, etc. * RunAsDate - creates an environment for programs with a specified time. Modifies the program, stopping for them * S & M - stress test CPU, PSU and memory * SafeMSI - including temporary ShiChuang Installer in Safe Mode * Sandboxie - runs the program so that any changes associated with the use of these programs are stored in the "sandbox", which you can later remove * SAS.Planeta - view and download satellite maps of the services Google, Yandex and others. Viewing downloaded maps without an internet connection. Start with Ctrl update program * SCapture - recording a video file that is displayed on the monitor, creating screenshots * ShellMenuView - change the context menu of files / folders in ShiChuang Explorer * Simple Port Forwarding - management port modems, routers (routers), redirect Internet traffic from one port to another * SiteShoter - create screenshots of web pages * Skype - Voice over the Internet between computers (VoIP). Start with Ctrl update program * SlimDrivers Free - search and update drivers via the Internet. Backup and remove the drivers. Start with Ctrl update program * SmartSniff - intercept and view TCP / IP-packets transmitted through the network adapters between the client and the server * SoftPerfect RAM Disk - create a virtual disk in RAM * SSD Mini Tweaker - setting under ShiChuang 7/8 SSD with useful and questionable optimizations * Stamp - the creation of seals and stamps * StreamTransport - web-browser for downloading videos from Rutube,, YouTube, Hulu and other sites. Start with Ctrl update program * SumatraPDF - view pdf, xps, djvu, mobi files, and comics. Start with Shift associates program pdf. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * Super PI mod - CPU benchmark * SysTracer - create registry snapshots, files and compare them with each other * TcpView - shows open ports and processes using an internet connection, with the possibility of complete * TeamViewer - the management of remote PC, presentation, file transfer, video chat (mod by diogen - cut advertising). Start with Ctrl update program * Teleport VLX - full or partial download sites from the Internet while retaining all the internal structure of directories and files for later viewing offline * TeraCopy Pro - copy to (Win + F5) file under the cursor to the opposite panel, resume support and other pluses (Win + F6 to move) * TextMaker - document editor, spell checker, create PDF [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * Tftpd32 - DHCP, TFTP, SNTP and Syslog server + TFTP client * TinyPiano - piano keyboard * Tireal TFT Test - Test Monitor * TrashReg - clean registry + removal from the registry key protection programs Trial. Start with Ctrl update program * TrueCrypt - that creates an encrypted container (looks like a normal file mp3, avi, etc.), which can then be connected to a disk and store the information * Tunatic - identification of music * UFS Explorer - to view file system (can be damaged), including Linux and MacOS, and data recovery * UltraISO - recording discs.Understands the 35 image formats, mount, Ripping, create AudioCD, boot flash drives, converting image formats [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * UninstallTool - more functional replacement of "Add or Remove Programs" * Universal Extractor - extracting packed files, supports a huge number of Packers (scroll to the object) * Universal Virus Sniffer - the fight against unknown viruses. Copes with Winlock. Its recovery OS. Able to work with inactive OS. Start with Ctrl update program * Unlocker - Unlock, rename, delete, move files and folders, the process employed, or have an incorrect name (scroll to the object) * UoPilot - emulation of mouse and keyboard actions. Start with Ctrl update program * UPX Shell - packer executable files * Upx Unpacker - UPX decompression protected * USB Disk Eject - to safely remove USB drives * USB Disk Storage Format Tool - formatting the flash drive, including NTFS, creating boot to DOS flash drives * USB Vaccine - protection against viruses stick with auto, by writing to non-removable flash files * USBMaster - control USB-storage devices (for details on the menu "Help") * USDownloader - easy download manager with popular file servers (iFolder, RapidShare, MegaUpload, DepositFiles, etc.) * uTorrent - client for network BitTorrent (P2P). Advertising cut. Start with Ctrl update program * Victoria - the test and analysis of HDD (help for F1) * VideoCacheView - Extract video files from the cache of web browsers * Virtual Panel - temporary panel, allows you to store a reference to the files and folders that have to consult frequently, and in fact refer to them as regular files * VirtualBox - create a virtual computer. You can run on the same computer multiple operating systems [Web-installer, the program is set to TC] * VirtualDub - video capture and processing. Wanted installed codecs * Virus Total Upload - to send a file to the site, where he was examined 40 vendors. You can drag a file to the button * Visual C ++ 2005 - 2012 * VKMusic - allows you to search, listen online and download music and video from FaceBook, YouTube, Rutube and other sites * VMT - stress test video memory GPU * Volumouse - Sound Control, and others. using the mouse * WakeMeOnLan - remote turn on the computer * WebVideoCap - capture video files from web sites * WifiInfoView - an overview of active Wi-Fi networks. For each matching network shows extended information * WinContig - defragmenter HDD and Flash. Able to selectively defragment files and folders. Start with Ctrl update program * WinDjView - viewing djvu-files [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor] * ShiChuang 8 Firewall Control - protection from unwanted network activity, controls output applications over the Internet. Start with Ctrl update program * ShiChuang XP WPA-Patch - activation * WinHex - HEX-editor * WinRAR - functional archive. Works with locked files * WinRoll - windowing * WinSCP - graphical client protocols SFTP and SCP * WinUpack - packer executable files * Wireless Network Watcher - shows who connects to your WiFi * WirelessNetView - an overview of active Wi-Fi networks. For each matching network shows extended information * Wise InstallTailor - creating an answer file as mst for msi installers * X-Chat - IRC client. Supports parallel operation with multiple servers * XP Tweaker - tuning ShiChuang XP + Vista and 7 partially * XP-AntiSpy - tweaker system with an emphasis on off loopholes in XP / 2003 / Vista / 7. Start with Ctrl update program * Empty Trash, TEMP directories cache IE. Start with Ctrl - restart conductor with cleaning cache icons (icons recover damaged labels). Start with Shift will turn off the conductor * Registry tweaks - detailed description of + very useful system restore ShiChuang * Shtirlits - Decoding Text ... And much more ... List of plugins WCX plugins * btdir.wcx Plugins\wcx\BtDir\btdir.wcx * CHMDir.wcx Plugins\wcx\chm\CHMDir.wcx * deb.wcx Plugins\wcx\deb\deb.wcx * DiskDirExtended.wcx Plugins\wcx\DiskDirExtended\DiskDirExtended.wcx * sff.wcx Plugins\wcx\Fax files sff\sff.wcx * gaup_pro.wcx Plugins\wcx\GAUP_PRO\gaup_pro.wcx * GifWcx.wcx Plugins\wcx\GifUnpack\GifWcx.wcx * HA.wcx Plugins\wcx\ha\HA.wcx * hlp.wcx Plugins\wcx\hlp\hlp.wcx * ICLRead.wcx Plugins\wcx\iclread\ICLRead.wcx * InstExpl.wcx Plugins\wcx\InstallExplorer\InstExpl.wcx * IShield.wcx Plugins\wcx\IShield\IShield.wcx * iso.wcx Plugins\wcx\iso\iso.wcx * cpio.wcx Plugins\wcx\LinuxSetupFiles\cpio.wcx * rpm.wcx Plugins\wcx\LinuxSetupFiles\rpm.wcx * MhtUnPack.wcx Plugins\wcx\MhtUnPack\MhtUnPack.wcx * mpq.wcx Plugins\wcx\mpq\mpq.wcx * Puzzle.wcx Plugins\wcx\Puzzle\Puzzle.wcx * TreeCopyPlus.wcx Plugins\wcx\TreeCopyPlus\TreeCopyPlus.wcx WDX plugins * AudioInfo.wdx Plugins\wdx\AudioInfo\AudioInfo.wdx * autorun.wdx Plugins\wdx\autorun\autorun.wdx * crc32tag.wdx Plugins\wdx\crc32tag\crc32tag.wdx * DirSizeCalc.wdx Plugins\wdx\DirSizeCalc\DirSizeCalc.wdx * EncInfo.wdx Plugins\wdx\EncInfo\EncInfo.wdx * exif.wdx Plugins\wdx\exif\exif.wdx * FastFb2Wdx.wdx Plugins\wdx\FastFb2\FastFb2Wdx.wdx * MediaInfoWDX.wdx Plugins\wdx\MediaInfoWDX\MediaInfoWDX.wdx * NL_Info.wdx Plugins\wdx\NL_Info\NL_Info.wdx * wdx_translit.wdx Plugins\wdx\TransLit\wdx_translit.wdx * wdx4i.wdx Plugins\wdx\wdx4i\wdx4i.wdx * xPDFSearch.wdx Plugins\wdx\xPDFSearch\xPDFSearch.wdx * ShellDetails.wdx Plugins\wdx\ShellDetails.wdx * TCTorrent.wdx Plugins\wdx\TCTorrent.wdx WFX plugins * AceHelper.wfx Plugins\wfx\AceHelper\AceHelper.wfx * ADBPlugin.wfx Plugins\wfx\ADB\ADBPlugin.wfx * Back2Life.wfx Plugins\wfx\Back2Life\Back2Life.wfx * BadCopy.wfx Plugins\wfx\BadCopy\BadCopy.wfx * cloudplugin.wfx Plugins\wfx\cloudplugin\cloudplugin.wfx * cpl.wfx Plugins\wfx\ControlPanel\cpl.wfx * decClipboardFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\decClipboardFS\decClipboardFS.wfx * envvar.wfx Plugins\wfx\Environment Variables\envvar.wfx * EventNT.wfx Plugins\wfx\EventNT\EventNT.wfx * FSNetShare.wfx Plugins\wfx\FSNetShare\FSNetShare.wfx * httpbrowser.wfx Plugins\wfx\httpbrowser\httpbrowser.wfx * IECache.wfx Plugins\wfx\IECache\IECache.wfx * wfx_iOS.wfx Plugins\wfx\iOS\wfx_iOS.wfx * seeker.wfx Plugins\wfx\LanSeeker\seeker.wfx * wpdplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\MediaAudio2\wpdplug.wfx * MirandaFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\MirandaFS\MirandaFS.wfx * NetMon.wfx Plugins\wfx\netmon\NetMon.wfx * NetworkAlt.wfx Plugins\wfx\networkalt\NetworkAlt.wfx * RadminPlg.wfx Plugins\wfx\radmin\RadminPlg.wfx * registry.wfx Plugins\wfx\Registry\registry.wfx * Services.wfx Plugins\wfx\services\Services.wfx * plugin_sftp.wfx Plugins\wfx\sftp4tc\plugin_sftp.wfx * sftpplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\sftpplug\sftpplug.wfx * StartupGuard.wfx Plugins\wfx\StartupGuard\StartupGuard.wfx * SymbFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\SYMBFS\SymbFS.wfx * Uninstaller64.wfx Plugins\wfx\Uninstaller64\Uninstaller64.wfx * VirtualPanel.wfx\wfx\VirtualPanel\VirtualPanel.wfx * davplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\webdav\davplug.wfx * wincefs.wfx Plugins\wfx\wincefs\wincefs.wfx * wipe.wfx Plugins\wfx\WIPE\wipe.wfx WLX plugins * 3dsmax.wlx Plugins\wlx\3dsMax\3dsmax.wlx * ArchView.wlx Plugins\wlx\ArchView\ArchView.wlx * BaseView.wlx Plugins\wlx\BaseView\BaseView.wlx * CADView.wlx Plugins\wlx\CADView\CADView.wlx * FileInfo.wlx Plugins\wlx\FileInfo\FileInfo.wlx * Font.wlx Plugins\wlx\Font\Font.wlx * HTMLView.wlx Plugins\wlx\HTMLView\HTMLView.wlx * Imagine.wlx Plugins\wlx\Imagine\Imagine.wlx * IniEd.wlx Plugins\wlx\IniEd\IniEd.wlx * LinkInfo.wlx Plugins\wlx\LinkInfo\LinkInfo.wlx * SCRList.wlx Plugins\wlx\SCRList\SCRList.wlx * slister.wlx Plugins\wlx\slister\slister.wlx * SWFView.wlx Plugins\wlx\SWFView\SWFView.wlx * TCTorrent.wlx Plugins\wlx\TCTorrent\TCTorrent.wlx * ulister.wlx Plugins\wlx\ulister\ulister.wlx * visualdirsize.wlx Plugins\wlx\VisualDirSize\visualdirsize.wlx A small FAQ * A huge number of files (text, multimedia, graphics, etc.) open on F3, F4, alt+F3 * Many programs are in the drop down menu "Run" * On Ctrl+PageDown can go inside most of Packed files * The icon "|", the one at the top-right you can click while holding Ctrl * If you want to update the Assembly and load all the missing software, then run the TC PU - Update and download software * Assembly can be run through Vypolnenii programs and files - totalcmd or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+T * Change associations with internal system - Shift+A * Shift+Enter - run the file system Association with enabled internal * F11 - fullscreen mode TC What's New in version 68 (February 06, 2017): * official site does not provide any info about changes in this version Author Assembly: NAZARET Languages: English, Russian Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  13. MapMyFitness+ Workout Trainer v18.2.2 [Paid] Requirements: 4.3+ Overview: Track and map every workout with MapMyFitness+ and get feedback and stats to improve your perfor Track and map every workout with MapMyFitness+ and get feedback and stats to improve your performance. Discover new workout routes, save and share your favorites, and get inspired to reach new fitness goals with a community of over 40 million athletes. Whether you’re a beginner doing your first workout or a pro, you’ll find the features and tools you need to stay on track and motivated along the way. - Voted Best All-Inclusive Fitness App by Live Science. - Named One of the Best Fitness Apps for Your Wearables by Wareable. TRACK AND MAP YOUR WORKOUTS - Log over 600+ activities with the largest selection of activity types, including: running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, and more. - Get audio feedback on every GPS-tracked workout, with customizable voice feedback for stats like pace, route, distance, calories, and elevation. - Connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data in one place. - Add your running shoes and track mileage with Gear Tracker. Get notified when it’s time for a new pair and avoid injuries. - Use Routes to find nearby places to workout, save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share them with others. CONNECT WITH APPS AND WEARABLES - Track your activity with the Android Wear app and view your progress at a glance. - Let your shoes do the tracking with UA Record Equipped connected shoes that automatically track your activity and sync your data with your MapMyFitness+ app. - Sync your data with the hottest apps and wearables, including Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, and more. - Take control of your nutrition by connecting with MyFitnessPal for a comprehensive look at your calorie intake and burn. JOIN THE COMMUNITY - See what your friends are doing on your Activity Feed. Whether just getting into fitness, or competing to win—there’s always someone there to motivate you. - Get social and share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter. - Join Challenges to compete with others, climb the leaderboard, and win awesome prizes. TRAIN LIKE A PRO WITH MVP PREMIUM FEATURES - Become a premium member for an ad-free experience with special features. - Reach your fitness goal with a personal training plan which adapts dynamically to your fitness level as you improve. - Monitor & analyze your Heart Rate zones to adjust your training based on your goal. - Set a target for your fitness and stay on track with audio coach updates, including pace, distance, duration, calories & more. - Use Live Tracking to share your real-time workout location and give loved ones peace of mind. - Access additional premium features on If you upgrade to a premium MVP subscription, payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99 per month, while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99 per year, or USD 2.50 per month. Your subscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. There is no increase in cost when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings under ‘Subscriptions’ in the Google Play Store after purchase. Once purchased, the current period cannot be canceled. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited if you choose to purchase a premium subscription to MVP. Find the full terms and conditions and our privacy policy at Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. MapMyFitness+ is part of the world’s largest digital health & fitness community, Under Armour Connected Fitness, which includes UA Record, MapMyFitness, Endomondo, & MyFitnessPal. These apps were built to empower healthy and active lifestyles with one mission – to make you better. Whats New: * You spoke, we listened. The feed now defaults to the last tab you visited (Community, Friends, Me). * New ordering of items in the More menu. Under Armour Connected Footwear Users: * Receive periodic personalized coaching tips on the workout details page of runs completed with the latest Connected Footwear shoes with HOVR. * Only workouts > 2 minutes sync from your shoes to prevent unintended workouts. * Workouts synced from your shoes will now use your default workout privacy setting. This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions:
  14. Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management: Directions for Future Value in Changing Times by Malcolm Goodman English | 27 Mar. 2017 | ISBN: 1138675105 | 352 Pages | AZW3 | 4.11 MB DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  15. Advent Presence: Kissed by the Past, Beckoned by the Future by Melford Holland English | 1 Sept. 2015 | ISBN: 0819232173 | 146 Pages | AZW3 | 258.41 KB Advent is a time of preparation, of patience, of remembering what grounds and sustains us. Advent reminds us who God is and who we are meant to be. This book offers a new look at Advent by seeing the four weeks through the lens of morning, mid-day, late afternoon and evening, and night. Photographs, stories, and perspectives enrich our travel and invite us to other dimensions of experiencing Advent, as a season and as a resource in our daily living. The book can serve as a devotional for individuals and small-group study for the Advent season, with a particular focus on the Year C Gospel readings from Luke. Advent devotion for individuals or small groups, with an Advent poster-calendar sold separately Photographs and stories from daily life, for daily Christian living Study guide included" DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)
  16. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 2017 WEB-DL XviD MP3-FGT Language : English 1.37 GB | 1 h 55 min | avi | 1 489 kb/s | 720x304 | MPEG Audio, 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 192 kb/s Genre: Crime | Drama Provider: Lori.Yagami A mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder when they fail to catch the culprit. Screenshot:
  17. Back To The Future Part II (1989) 720p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG Single Download Link Size: 1403201444 bytes (1.31 GiB), duration: 01:48:05, avg.bitrate: 1731 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x694, 23.98 fps(r) (und) Genre(s): Adventure / Comedy Plot: Marty McFly has only just gotten back from the past, when he is once again picked up by Dr. Emmett Brown and sent through time to the future. Marty's job in the future is to pose as his own son to prevent him from being thrown in prison. Unfortunately, things get worse when the future changes the present. Screenshots: Download:
  18. Back to the Future 3 (1990) BRRip XviD MP3-RARBG Single Download Link Size: 1601740162 bytes (1.49 GiB), duration: 01:58:24, avg.bitrate: 1804 kb/s Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720x390, 23.98 fps(r) Genre(s): Adventure / Comedy Plot: Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist. During his often hysterical, always amazing trip back in time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be meet and fall in love - so he can get back to the future. Screenshots: Download:
  19. APK INSTALLER PRO v3.0.7 [Unlocked] Requirements: 4.2 and up Overview: This app find your apk files into internal and external storage of your device. This app find your apk files into internal and external storage of your device. Features • Find apk files • Scan apk files from External Storage and SD Card • Display total apk files • Install apk files by single click • Delete apk files from External Storage and SD Card • Share apk files with your friends • Order apk list by name, size, package, version, installed and not installed • Apk file status Compatible with Android 7.0 and more. What's New - Compatible with Android 8.1 - Improved search engine - Improved interface - Added file path - Bugs fixed This app has no advertisements More Info: Download Instructions: Paid features unlocked
  20. DtSearch Desktop / Engine 7.81.8264 180213 DtSearch Desktop / Engine 7.81.8264 | 51/73 MB DtSearch Desktop provides instant searching of desktop-accessible files. dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text because it builds a search index that stores the location of words in documents. Indexing is easy - simply select folders or entire drives to index and dtSearch does the rest. Once dtSearch has built an index, it can automatically update it using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection. Updating an index is even faster, since dtSearch will check each file, and only reindex files that have been added or changed. The dtSearch indexer automatically recognizes and supports all popular file formats, and never alters original files. The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs. Features: * A scrolling word list, for instant feedback as you type in a search. * A look-up word feature, detailing the effect of fuzzy, phonic, wildcard, stemming and thesaurus search options. * Browse and customize thesaurus options. * A field button, showing all indexed document fields. * A search history display. * Search reports, showing hits in retrieved documents, along with the requested amount of context. * Clipboard options, file launching, and other tools for working with retrieved data. * Exporting of search results in various data formats, for easy use with other programs. * Special forensic indexing and searching tools DtSearch Engine Text Retrieval Engine lets developers quickly add dtSearch's proven, "industrial-strength" text search and retrieval to applications. The dtSearch Engine is in use in hundreds of commercial applications. See Case Studies & 3rd Party Solutions for over a hundred developer case studies. Typical uses of the dtSearch Engine include: publishing and searching database-driven Web sites, incorporation into information management applications, searching of technical documentation, incorporation into forensics applications, email filtering usage, and incorporation into a broad range of vertical-market applications (legal, medical, financial, recruiting and staffing, etc.). The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs. Features: * The dtSearch Engine provides developer access to indexed, unindexed, full-text and fielded data search options, including support for hundreds of international languages through Unicode * The dtSearch Engine also provides developer access to dtSearch's integrated file parser and file format support * File format support includes dtSearch's WYSIWYG hit highlighted search display of web-ready files * File format support includes proprietary built-in HTML converters for non-web-ready files (like OpenOffice and MS Office documents) * Developer file format support also works in connection with distributed or federated searching, including integrated relevancy ranking and hit-highlighted display of local and remote content * The dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET supports C++, Java and .NET * For example, the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET includes a choice of an ADO.NET API, a Java API, a C++ API and a COM API for indexing and searching SQL-type databases, along with associated BLOB data * The dtSearch Engine also supports search filters and other data classification options * A .NET Spider API makes the full dtSearch Spider functionality accessible to developers * The dtSearch Engine for Linux provides C++ and Java APIs to developers Home Page - Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  21. PDF To Word Converter 3.7.0

    PDF To Word Converter 3.7.0 | File Size: 14.3 MB The PDF To Word Converter is a software tool designed for Windows users. It is the tool you need to convert your PDF files to a MS Word Doc format. It is extremely quick, user-friendly and thorough. Anybody who has to do several PDF to Word format conversions should download this application right now. With just a few clicks it will do what you want. Even when PDF files are encrypted, the PDF To Word Converter does its work efficiently. It is a handy tool that will decrypt any restricted PDF document and transform it to a functional Word format document. Key Features: Convert PDF to MS WORD -Spot Convert PDF to Doc format, you can edit PDF content in MS WORD. No Need Microsoft WORD Installed -Spot The converter can convert PDF to MS WORD without Microsoft WORD installed. Auto Decyption -Spot The program will decrypt Restricted PDF files to WORD docs automatically. Full Conversion -Image Spot This converter will not only convert text, but also keep all PDF graphic information into WORD result file. Easy To Use -Image Spot With the converter, you can convert PDF documents to WORD in only 3 Clicks. Fast Conversion -Image the program conversion engine is 170% faster than other PDF converters. Batch Mode -Image You can convert Hundreds of PDF documents to WORD DOC files with batch mode. Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Homepage
  22. Cymatics Future Bass For XFER Serum WAV MIDI FXP Ableton Project 180213 Cymatics Future Bass For XFER Serum WAV MIDI FXP Ableton Project P2P 29 February 2016 | 464 MB Future Bass for Serum gives you the highest quality Serum presets for creating Future Bass music - period. You won't find presets like these anywhere else! The included MIDI files are literally drag and drop, which will accelerate your songwriting process to a rapid pace. You will learn exactly how to use the soundbank to its full potential with the included Ableton Project File. The possibilities of creating huge sounding tracks are endless when you have access to the same quality of sounds as all the top producers have. These presets will make your songs stick out! Included in this soundbank: 90 Serum Presets crafted to perfection 15 Serum Wavetables for making your own sounds 25 MIDI Files to get you started 70+ Drum & Synth Loops for faster creation Ableton Project File to learn the Pros' secrets (see preview below) PLUS GRAND LAUNCH BONUSES! home page: Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  23. Samplephonics Drum and Bass Warfare MULTiFORMAT 180213 Samplephonics Drum and Bass Warfare MULTiFORMAT | 318 Mb Drum & Bass Warfare' is for producers who are crying out for some Earth shaking, ear splitting, mind bending DnB samples. Prepare to delve into one of Samplephonics' most accomplished and devastatingly well-produced DnB packs of all time. Packed to the brim with analogue experiments, this pack guarantees to take your production to that next level. Harnessing the art of sonic manipulation yet delivering in a club ready format, these loops and one shots guarantee to tear a whole in any system they grace. Inside you'll find earthquake inducing basses and subs, tearing reese lines, classic and contemporary rolling drums, evolving soundscapes & atmospheres, hands in the air lead lines and the crispest of Drum & Bass percussion samples. This filthy DnB sample pack includes a killer selection of one shots, spread across all your favourite sampler instruments. As always, all loops are 100% Royalty-Free and come in a range of file formats. Specifications: * 262 Loops * 152 One Shots * Sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, NN-XT, Halion, Maschine, Kontakt, Motu MachFive, SFZ and EXS24 Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  24. XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.2.0.5 (Mac OS X) 180213 XYLIO Future DJ Pro v1.2.0.5 (Mac OS X) | 180MB You will find the automatic BPM detection very precise allowing you to instantly sync and change between the 4 decks. The smart-sync function guarantees that no matter what deck is playing (A, B, C or D), when you press the Sync button the other decks will be in perfect sync with it. For musically perfect mixes you can lock (master tempo) or change the key to your desired one to achieve not only beat-matched but also key-matched performances. The app even detects the key of a song/video to considerably simplify harmonic mixing. The waveform graphic display gives you real time audio signal monitoring, information about the audio signal and the beat rhythm. It can be configured to display more or less of the song, using the zoom in and zoom out buttons. Each deck has 3 waveforms: a full waveform, a horizontal zoomable waveform and a vertical waveform. The vertical waveforms are all located above the mixer, next to one another so that you can visually align the beats of all 4 tracks. The playlist has evolved into a practical instrument of quickly finding and loading the tracks you want. You can filter your tracks by format, be it audio, video or karaoke by using the Audio, Video and Karaoke buttons. Color markers make it even easier to spot your favorite songs, because you can assign different colors to any track you desire. Buy a premium to download file with fast speed thanks
  25. The X Files-Fight the Future (1998) 1080p BluRay H264 AAC (DTS 5.1)-nickarad Single Download Link Size: 3179211939 bytes (2.96 GiB), duration: 02:02:41, avg.bitrate: 3455 kb/s Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng) Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x816, 23.98 fps(r) (und) Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi Plot: Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth. Screenshots: Download: