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Found 10 results

  1. Magazines - weapons and shooting 2018-01 35 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.5 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2018-01.pdf (82.8 MB) Airgun World 2018-01.pdf (64.5 MB) Airsoft International 2018-01.pdf (37.9 MB) American Shooting Journal 2018-01.pdf (54.3 MB) Armi e Tiro 2018-01.pdf (30.4 MB) Armi Magazine 2018-01.pdf (102.9 MB) Armi Magazine Annuario 2018.pdf (204.2 MB) Armi Shop 2018-01.pdf (64.9 MB) Australian & New Zealand Handgun 2018-01.pdf (26.2 MB) Caliber SWAT 2018-01.pdf (26.0 MB) Clay Shooting 2018-01.pdf (33.8 MB) Coltelli Annuario 2018.pdf (84.1 MB) Concealed Carry Handguns 2018-01.pdf (29.7 MB) DWJ 2018-01.pdf (27.5 MB) Gun Digest 2018-01.pdf (32.3 MB) Gun World 2018-01.pdf (38.6 MB) Gunmart 2018-01.pdf (89.1 MB) Handloader - Winter 2018.pdf (13.4 MB) Handloader 2018-01.pdf (13.7 MB) Knives Illustrated 2018-01.pdf (27.2 MB) Man Magnum 2018-01.pdf (14.7 MB) Recoil 34 2018-01-02.pdf (20.4 MB) Rifle Magazine 2018-01.pdf (16.6 MB) Rifle Shooter 2018-01.pdf (184.7 MB) Shooting Gazette 2018-01.pdf (21.5 MB) Shooting Sports UK 2018-01.pdf (82.1 MB) SHOT Business 2018-01.pdf (12.9 MB) Sporting Gun 2018-01.pdf (31.1 MB) Sporting Shooter Australia 2018-01.pdf (21.0 MB) The Single Shot Exchange 2018-01.pdf (16.6 MB) Visier Magazin 2018-01.pdf (27.2 MB) Wild & Jag - Game & Hunt 2018-01.pdf (79.3 MB) World Of Firepower 2018-01.pdf (56.2 MB) Калашников 2018-01.pdf (100.2 MB) Оружие 2017-14.pdf (12.6 MB)
  2. Photography: Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual WEBRip | MP4 | English | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~2359 kbps | 30 fps AAC | 62.7 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 04:41:45 | 2.38 GB Genre: Video Tutorial / Photographing Ditch Auto & learn how to take fantastic pictures with your DSLR Camera in Manual. Unlock your camera's true potential! Why Take This Course? You have a DSLR Camera or a fancy Point-and-shoot, but have not been using it to it's full potential. You know that the scary "manual mode" holds a whole new level of customization which would result in better quality photos but have resisted. Terms like Shutter Speed and Aperture sound confusing and you don't know where to start. If that sounds familiar, I want to assure you that by the end of my FREE course you will understand what those settings do and be on your way to controlling your camera rather than your camera controlling you. You made an investment in a decent camera and it's time to start using it's features In this course you will learn the basics of DSLR Photography and how to shoot in manual mode. My goal is to give you the tools so you can train your brain to think like a Photographer. You will also know how to control your camera instead of leaving it up to Auto Mode to try and to it's best. How Long Is This Course? So far, the course is just over 4 hours in length. You can watch it in chunks or all at once. It is best to watch it with camera in hand so you can pause and follow along with your camera. All DSLR Cameras are different so your settings may look different than mine. What Should I Expect? You should expect to be able to shoot photos with confidence in pretty much all situations. Whether you are taking pictures of your kids for the memories or are considering Photography as a profession, this is everything I had to teach myself in order to understand my camera. Who are you Jerad Hill? I am a Wedding Photographer with over 6 years of professional experience. I have shot over 200 weddings, 120 engagement sessions, 150 portrait sessions and 1000's of photos of my own kids. For fun I have shot live concerts and music videos. I am also a Wedding Videographer and do a lot with video. Expect a course on DSLR Video soon. Thanks for checking out my course. Please subscribe and make sure to share it with that friend of yours who has a nice camera that is always complaining about not understanding it.
  3. Magazines - Weapons and Shooting 2017-12 36 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.24 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2017-12.pdf (33.0 MB) Airgun World 2017-12.pdf (43.9 MB) Airsoft Action - Xmas 2017.pdf (48.4 MB) Airsoft Action 2017-12.pdf (33.9 MB) Airsoft International 2017-12.pdf (33.7 MB) American Shooting Journal 2017-12.pdf (40.1 MB) Armes de chasse 67 2017-12.pdf (27.9 MB) Armes de chasse 68 2017-12.pdf (22.2 MB) Armi e Tiro 2017-12.pdf (50.5 MB) Armi Magazine 2017-12.pdf (128.5 MB) Armi Shop 2017-12.pdf (73.6 MB) Coltelli 85 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (59.9 MB) Concealed Carry Handguns 2017-12.pdf (29.4 MB) DWJ 2017-12.pdf (39.1 MB) Firearms News 29 2017-12.pdf (27.6 MB) Gun Digest 2017-12.pdf (29.2 MB) Gun World 2017-12.pdf (89.0 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-12.pdf (33.4 MB) Gunslinger Winter 2017.pdf (38.7 MB) Handguns 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (21.0 MB) Handloader 311 2017-12.pdf (16.6 MB) Knives Illustrated 2017-12.pdf (35.5 MB) Man Magnum 2017-12.pdf (18.0 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-12.pdf (98.4 MB) Shooting Gazette 2017-12.pdf (22.0 MB) Shooting Industry 2017-12.pdf (216.7 MB) Shooting Times 2017-12-2018-01.pdf (19.8 MB) SHOT Business 2017-12.pdf (14.1 MB) Sporting Gun 2017-12.pdf (42.4 MB) Strelecka revue 2017-4.pdf (20.4 MB) Tactical World Winter 2017.pdf (27.9 MB) The Black Powder Cartridge News 2017-12.pdf (45.2 MB) The Single Shot Exchange 2017-12.pdf (18.7 MB) Visier 2017-12.pdf (28.0 MB) Калашников 2017-12.pdf (32.1 MB) Оружие 2017-13.pdf (12.7 MB)
  4. Magazines - weapons and shooting 2017-11 39 Editions | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.29 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2017-11.pdf (78.2 MB) Airgun World 2017-11.pdf (38.8 MB) Airsof Action 2017-11.pdf (36.4 MB) Airsoft International 2017-11.pdf (35.8 MB) American Rifleman 2017-08.pdf (65.4 MB) American Rifleman 2017-09.pdf (59.1 MB) American Rifleman 2017-10.pdf (67.8 MB) American Shooting 2017-11.pdf (37.9 MB) Armes De Chasse Hors-Serie N.10 2017.pdf (17.3 MB) Armi e Tiro 2017-11.pdf (35.8 MB) Armi Magazine 2017-11.pdf (104.0 MB) Armi Shop 2017-11.pdf (64.8 MB) Caliber SWAT Magazin 2017-11-12.pdf (39.3 MB) DWJ 2017-11.pdf (51.5 MB) Firearms News Vol.71 Issue 23 2017.pdf (14.8 MB) Firearms News Vol.71 Issue 24 2017.pdf (31.0 MB) Firearms News Vol.71 Issue 25 2017.pdf (18.1 MB) Gun Digest 2017-11.pdf (36.8 MB) Gun World 2017-11.pdf (95.4 MB) Gunmart 2017-11.pdf (93.8 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-11.pdf (32.6 MB) Handgun Buyer's Guide 2017-11.pdf (30.5 MB) Knives Illustrated 2017-11.pdf (18.6 MB) Knives International 2017-11.pdf (30.4 MB) Lame d'autore 76 2017-10-12.pdf (43.7 MB) Man Magnum 2017-11.pdf (18.2 MB) Recoil 2017-11.pdf (85.6 MB) Rifle Magazine 295 2017-11.pdf (19.0 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-09-10.pdf (15.8 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-11-12.pdf (17.3 MB) Shooting Industry 2017-11.pdf (26.3 MB) Shooting Sports UK 2017-11.pdf (36.1 MB) Shooting Times 2017-11.pdf (11.5 MB) Sporting Shooter UK 2017-11.pdf (54.5 MB) The Single Shot Exchange 2017-11.pdf (17.2 MB) Visier Germany 2017-11.pdf (29.7 MB) World of Firepower 2017-11-12.pdf (53.5 MB) Калашников 2017-11.pdf (30.4 MB) Оружие 2017-11-12.pdf (29.6 MB)
  5. Weapons and shooting magazines 2017-10 39 Issues | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.18 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2017-10.pdf (80.1 MB) Airgun Shooter Issue 100 2017-10.pdf (44.5 MB) Airgun World 2017-10.pdf (66.1 MB) Airsoft International Vol.13 Issue 6 2017.pdf (36.8 MB) American Shooting Journal 2017-10.pdf (38.8 MB) Armes De Chasse 2017-10-11-12.pdf (25.0 MB) Armi 2017-10.pdf (112.9 MB) Armi e Tiro 2017-10.pdf (36.2 MB) Caliber 2017-10.pdf (27.4 MB) Coltelli 2017-10-11.pdf (59.9 MB) Concealed Carry Handguns Winter 2017.pdf (34.2 MB) DWJ 2017-10.pdf (40.7 MB) Firearms News Vol.71 Issue 21 2017.pdf (33.7 MB) Firearms News Vol.71 Issue 22 2017.pdf (14.8 MB) Gun Digest - Fall 2017.pdf (33.7 MB) Gun Digest 2017-10.pdf (44.3 MB) Gun Trade World 2017-10.pdf (50.2 MB) Gun World 2017-10.pdf (57.3 MB) Gunmart 2017-10.pdf (100.6 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-10.pdf (21.3 MB) Handguns 2017-10-11.pdf (13.6 MB) Handloader 2017-10-11.pdf (16.0 MB) Knives International - Issue 33 2017.pdf (30.3 MB) Man Magnum 2017-10.pdf (13.4 MB) Recoil Presents Concealment Issue 7 2017.pdf (38.3 MB) Rifle Magazine 2017-10.pdf (17.2 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-10.pdf (97.9 MB) Shooting Gazette 2017-10.pdf (37.4 MB) Shooting Industry 2017-10.pdf (17.0 MB) Shooting Times 2017-09.pdf (12.4 MB) Shooting Times 2017-10.pdf (15.6 MB) SHOT Business 2017-10-11.pdf (13.9 MB) Sporting Classics Special Guns Hunting - Autumn 2017.pdf (48.9 MB) Sporting Gun 2017-10.pdf (34.4 MB) Sporting Shooter Australia 2017-10.pdf (21.7 MB) The Single Shot Exchange 2017-10.pdf (16.8 MB) Visier Magazin 2017-10.pdf (31.3 MB) Оружие 2017-09.pdf (6.7 MB) Оружие 2017-10.pdf (20.4 MB)
  6. IN-CAMERA: Shooting - The Natural-Light Photography System Run Time: 2 hours 57 minutes | MP4 | aac, 44.1KHz, mono | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 4989 kb/s, 23.98 fps | 6.44 GB Genre: eLearning | Project Files Included | English This DVD is tailored for beginnner to intermediate photographers or anyone interested in raising the quality of their images in-camera. Revolutionize Your Life! Learn how to shoot in any natural-lighting conditions Get amazing images IN-CAMERA Reduce your editing time significantly Have complete confidence any time you walk out on a shoot Get your life back so you can spend time with family or friends or spend time building your business and shooting more 3 hours of instructional material 19 live shooting demonstrations Clear, step-by-step explanation of the entire systematic natural-lighting process You will walk away with better images that will amaze your clients before you even take them out of your camera
  7. Video shooting. Techniques loved by pro broadcast directors Duration: 3+ Hours | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 3.2 GB Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English A creative video course. Learn what pro broadcasters use to grab and excite an audience. Taught by a pro broadcaster Do you want to understand the creative techniques broadcast pros use when shooting for a TV show? Would you like to be taught by a genuine TV broadcast professional? Do you want to improve the quality of your videos, to the point where your audience can't get enough? Are you moving from still photography to video, and are not finding it easy? Are your videos just not getting noticed and shared on your YouTube channel? As a professional video cameraperson, are you not getting noticed because your work is technically fine, but not creatively outstanding? Then you have come to the right place. Making great video is not some great secret that no one is willing to share. The trouble is, most video courses on the net are presented by filmmakers making wedding videos and low budget music videos for local bands. Very few are broadcast professionals. The proof is that most courses focus primarily on equipment, which requires limited creative insight. This course is different I am a broadcast professional for 37 years. And I've won international awards for my work. And I will teach you the creative elements needed to make great videos. So, if you want to improve your videos to the point where they enrapture the audience and have them begging for more, know this: It is NOT about getting better equipment! Filmmakers: Professionals worry about money, Artists worry about light and sound, Amateurs worry about equipment. If you spend a lot of time worrying about equipment, is it not the time you stepped up to being an artist? Even if you understand codecs, and cameras and sensors sizes and lenses, it is not enough. Knowledge without skills can never create a masterpiece. Home Page -
  8. Self Shooting - Video Excellence On You Own | 3.33 GB Duration: 2+ Hours | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English A guide to self-shooting video with the single-person crew. Do the work of a film crew - all by yourself. *Are you an indie producer, shooter and work mostly on your own? *Are you working on small budgets that means hiring a crew is not possible? *Are you a one-man crew, doing almost everything yourself? *Do you have a wish to create great YouTube content, but this means that you have to do this on your own? *Do you want to improve the quality of your videos, to the point where your audience can't get enough? Then you have come to the right place. I like to think of myself as one of the world's most experienced self-shooters. Because with basic equipment, I have made several TV documentaries that have been broadcast on TV networks, all by myself. And I can teach you how to do that. I've been a broadcast professional for 37 years. And much of what I have done, particularly recently, has been shot on ordinary equipment, by myself, with me as presenter. How does one do that? I even once did a single-crew, three camera shoot! Was that a world first? Some of the best work I have done, I've been alone in a remote environment, shooting my TV series. And I use ordinary HD video equipment. Because budgets are tight, there isn't the cash to blow on the very best gear. But that doesn't matter. Because basic equipment is better suited to the one-person shoot. This course will help you with: *Gear choices, *Discipline while shooting, *Staying light-weight and portable, *Getting great audio, as well as video, *Confidence building and new ideas. Home Page -
  9. Weapons And Shooting Magazines 2017-09 37 Issues | Multilanguage | PDF | 1.1 GB List of magazines: Air Gunner 2017-09.pdf (91.4 MB) Airgun World 2017-09.pdf (38.8 MB) Airsoft Action 2017-09.pdf (36.9 MB) Airsoft International Volume 13 Issue 5 2017.pdf (35.2 MB) American Shooting Journal 2017-09.pdf (37.6 MB) Armi e Tiro 2017-09.pdf (37.1 MB) Armi Shop 2017-09.pdf (62.1 MB) Conceal & Carry Handguns 2017-07.pdf (36.9 MB) Concealed Carry Handguns Fall 2017.pdf (39.4 MB) DWJ 2017-09.pdf (37.9 MB) Firearms News Vol. 71 Issue 18 2017.pdf (15.8 MB) Firearms News Vol. 71 Issue 19 2017.pdf (15.5 MB) Firearms News Vol. 71 Issue 20 2017.pdf (8.5 MB) Gun Digest 2017-09.pdf (35.6 MB) Gun Trade World 2017-09.pdf (55.3 MB) Gun World 2017-09.pdf (45.6 MB) Gunmart 2017-09.pdf (90.9 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-08.pdf (15.3 MB) Guns & Ammo 2017-09.pdf (18.1 MB) Home Defender Fall 2017.pdf (25.9 MB) Knives Illustrated 2017-09-10.pdf (32.3 MB) Knives International Review 30 2017.pdf (40.8 MB) Knives International Review 31 2017.pdf (14.8 MB) Knives International Review 32 2017.pdf (21.2 MB) Man Magnum 2017-09.pdf (16.1 MB) Recoil 2017-09-10.pdf (87.2 MB) Rifle Magazine 2017-09-10.pdf (15.8 MB) Rifle Shooter 2017-09.pdf (99.7 MB) S.W.A.T. 2017-09.pdf (68.2 MB) Shooting Industry 2017-09.pdf (16.7 MB) Shooting Gazette 2017-09.pdf (27.6 MB) Shooting Sports UK 2017-09.pdf (38.1 MB) Sporting Gun 2017-09.pdf (40.2 MB) Sporting Shooter UK 2017-09.pdf (32.2 MB) The Black Powder Cartridge News - Fall 2017.pdf (34.3 MB) World of Fire Power - AR-15 2017.pdf (28.3 MB) World of Fire Power 2017-09-10.pdf (61.5 MB)
  10. Artist: Dr. John Title Of Album: Discography Year Of Release: 1968-2012 Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz, New Orleans, Cool Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul Jazz, Funk-Soul, R&B Quality: mp3 Bitrate: 192-320 kbps Total: 45 Albums Total Size: 5,5 Gb ALBUMS: 1968 (2008) Dr. John The Night Tripper Gris-gris time: 33:10 1969 (2009) Babylon time: 37:42 1970 (2009) Dr. John The Night Tripper Remedies time: 40:41 1971 (2009) Dr. John The Night Tripper The Sun, Moon & Herbs time: 39:17 1972 (2009) Gumbo time: 39:31 1973 (2009) In The Right Place time: 33:29 1973 Dr. John with The Meters St. Bernard Civic Center, New Orleans time: 01:21:27 256 kbps 1973 (2008) Mike Bloomfield John Hammond Triumvirate time: 36:50 1974 (2005) Desitively Bonnaroo time: 37:11 1975 St. Bernard Cultural Center (bootleg) time: 46:16 1975 (1994) Hollywood Be Thy Name time: 40:50 1978 (2003) City Lights time: 38:34 1979 (2003) Tango Palace time: 37:44 1981 (1988) Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack time: 53:45 192 kbps 1982 (1989) Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack: The Legendary Sessions Volume Two time: 01:07:42 256 kbps 1982 (1989) The Brightest Smile In Town time: 50:12 1982 (1998) Loser For You Baby time: 35:00 1986 (2003) All By Hisself: Live at the Lonestar 59:50 1989 In a Sentimental Mood time: 40:26 1990 Bluesiana Triangle Bluesiana Triangle I time: 43:02 1991 Bluesiana Triangle Bluesiana II time: 55:50 1992 Goin Back To New Orleans time: 01:06:23 1993 Mos Scocious: Anthology (2 CD) time: 02:25:18 VBR~170 1993 Zu Zu Man time: 36:48 1994 Television time: 48:28 1995 Afterglow time: 45:32 1995 The Very Best Of Dr. John time: 01:09:55 1995 Gail Wynters feat. Dr. John & Roger Kellaway Boogie to Heaven time: 01:03:01 1997 Trippin Live time: 01:10:31 192 kbps 1998 Anutha Zone time: 53:14 1999 Duke Elegant: Dr. John performing the music of Duke Ellington time: 01:06:19 2000 Dr. John with the Donald Harrison Band Funky New Orleans time: 57:06 2001 Creole Moon time: 01:08:13 2001 The Essential Recordings time: 01:01:47 128 kbps 2004 NAwlinz Dis, Dat or Dudda time: 01:08:09 2005 The Best of the Parlophone Years time: 01:32:28 192 kbps 2005 Dr. John And The Lower 911 Sippiana Hericane time: 25:22 2006 I Pulled the Cover Off You Two Lovers time: 44:10 192 kbps 2006 Mercernary time: 49:53 2006 The Anthology time: 01:10:59 2007 Trader Johns Crawfish Soiree (2 CD) time: 01:14:25 2008 Voodoo Hex time: 01:01:49 2008 Dr. John And The Lower 911 City That Care Forgot time: 55:49 2009 Who Was Mac Rebennack? time: 52:07 2010 Dr. John And The Lower 911 Tribal time: 01:05:55 2012 Locked Down time: 42:31